How it Works

Why should my company use Oterlu?

We leverage analytics and hypothesis testing which allows you to understand how certain behaviors may affect retention on your platform as well as how to best approach your community in different situations.

We are also privacy first company and only work with anonymised data ensuring your users’ privacy.

You are getting the power of the latest developments within AI and analytics in social behaviour without the need of a computer science and statistics degree to use it.

We are streamlining the teamwork at your workplace

Your Developers & Business Analysts

Oterlu makes it easy to maintain and implement infrastructure and aggregate analytics on behaviors and retention. Oterlu will also help you understand feature development needs.

Your Community Manager

Will be able to capture all unwanted behavior on your platform. Automate workflows to allow you to focus on the most important work. Oterlu will make it easier to understand best approaches for user engagement in your community and
measure the positive impact you have.

Your Leadership

With Oterlu, people in leadership positions at your workplace will be able access high level metrics to understand user retention, product design and staffing needs. In the long run, this will benefit both users and your work environment.