Gaming allows people to meet and play across the world but language barriers can also lead to some confrontational behaviour. For example: –

In the opening of this multiplayer game match 25% of ~100 messages are toxic.

Players 1 and 2 are chatting in Russian when Player 3 writes,
“stfu russian”

From this point on there is an escalation of toxic behaviour,

Player 4 – “here english only”
Player 5 – “u f***in russians”
Player 1 – “П***а вам американцы”

What’s the solution?
One immediate thought might be to kick or ban the player who initiates the toxic behaviour but we believe in taking a more holistic and analytical approach. Our first step would be to use our AI models to measure how pervasive this behaviour is across matches as this could be an indicator of a more systemic issue.

If it appears to be a systemic issue, the second step would be to see if changes in the game could pre-empt this type of behaviour. These changes could for example be the introduction of player-matching based on language preferences.

Simply put, kicking out and banning are not always the only solution!